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How to walk

Tips for walking right

  • Maintain upright posture throughout - head up and body balanced.
  • Slightly increase your arm swing (hand crosses over mid-line of body).
  • Stride out briskly with relaxed hips.
  • Remember to breathe fully and deeply.

CAA accepts no responsibility for loss or injury for undertaking these exercises. CAA strongly recommends that you check with your local CAA member chiropractor or other health care provider before undertaking these exercises to make sure the exercises are appropriate for your specific needs. If you are experiencing recurring, sharp or shooting pain at any time, STOP and report to your chiropractor or other health care provider.

How to stay motivated!

1. Forward planning
It can be a challenge to break the habits that might currently be a barrier to you introducing regular walking into your lifestyle. By doing a little planning and starting with small goals, you’ll find it easier to introduce a new, regular walking habit into your life.

Some examples of early goals might be:
  • Aim to use the stairs, not the elevator, at work for at least two weeks. You’d be surprised how much easier it will be to continue this habit after the first fortnight
  • Set aside two days a week to walk in your lunch break – and stick to it for a month
  • Replace inter-office emails and phone calls by walking to discuss work matters with colleagues.
  • Park at a distance or on another level when you are grocery shopping, and spend an extra 5 minutes walking around the shops each week.
2. Use a pedometer
A pedometer can make tracking your walking easy and fun. The Just Start Walking iphone and android app includes an easy-to-use digital pedometer – and it’s free! Just install it on your phone and start walking. It’s that simple!

3. Track ‘every day’ activity
Get used to using your pedometer during every day activities, such as walking around the office or doing the grocery shopping. Through this you’ll start to get an understanding of how many steps you’re currently taking, and then you can start to aim to increase your weekly walking by at least 10% or 15%.

4. Engage your friends
Tell your friends about your commitment to walk more and seek their support. If they can’t walk with you, you can keep them updated through social media, like Facebook or Twitter, about your walking progress when using the Just Start Walking mobile app.

5. Be on the lookout for organised walking events
Don’t do it alone! Your local Just Start Walking community is a great place to start if you want to find walking events that can help you reach your walking goals in the company of others.

6. Reward yourself!
Don’t forget to do something for yourself each time you reach one of your milestones

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